I've had the best experiences with the entire staff. My son is special needs, he reacts poorly to sounds, and textures. After an extremely horrible experience at a different dentist my son was left terrified, and his tooth was unsavable with the nerve exposed! Dr. Norris saw us immediately and helped temporarily fix the damage done by the other dentist. We decided to do the repair with Dr Norris at the hospital, where he could be completely sedated. Everything went great! She put in a spacer, and told us that when it was ready to be removed due to another tooth popping in, to just call up. It really was that simple!! We are going on 3 yrs with her. Both my children love the dentist now. Her staff are always so amazing with kids!! The decor is fantastic, and always clean, TV's w/ movies above the chair, special sunglasses, and prize drawers!. She is geared for children, plain and simple. When my son had his traumatic experience with his first dentist, we opted for the sedation in the hospital since he was still scared. A yr ago he asked if he could try it without sedation, we asked the dentist herself and she allowed it. He did great! We are so thankful she was willing to try with him! He's no longer scared! I LOVE this office!!

Brooke S.